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Vintage - Series 5530 Brass body
( item 5530s )    $48.00
Vintage - Series 5530 Brass body
( item 5530m )    $48.00
Vintage - Series 560 Brass body
( item 560sq )    $54.00
Vintage - Series 570 Brass body
( item 570sq )    $60.00
Vintage - Series 95 Brass body
( item S95sm )    $36.00
Vintage - Series 95 Brass body
( item S95med )    $40.00
Vintage - Series 95 Brass body
( item S95lg )    $44.00

Extreme Vintage - Series 50 Brass body
( item S50 )    $100.00
Extreme Vintage - Series 530 Brass body
( item S530 )    $120.00
Extreme Vintage - Series 570 Brass body
( item S570 )    $160.00

Series 100 Steel body
( item S100short )    $20.00
Series 100 Steel body
( item S100med )    $20.00
Series 200 Steel body
( item S200long )    $45.00
Series 5100 Steel body
( item S5100 )    $20.00
Series 5200 Steel body
( item S5200short )    $25.00
Series 5200 Steel body
( item S5200med )    $30.00

I was a loyal purchaser of padlocks from the American Lock Company for about thirty years. When the company was sold, I purchased the remaining local stock of American padlocks at the famous Seven Corners Hardware in St Paul, Minnesota. (No one else wanted them. They just sat in a clearance bin, day after day.)

Many of these locks had been tucked away on high shelves for decades, attaining a wonderful patina while retaining their impeccable mechanical operation.

From the American Lock website:

A U.S. company founded in 1912, American Lock was dedicated to crafting "Industrial Grade Security" with superb, precision-machined padlocks, cylinders and hasps. Characterized by a history of innovation, American Lock is credited with the development of the first keyless combination lock, solid padlock bodies and the double-ball locking mechanism.


John Junkunc arrived from Hungary as a railroad machinist in the early 1900's. He invented the first dial combination lock because of frequently misplaced keys, and the American Lock Company was born.

Building upon the company's strong foundation of quality hand-crafted padlocks, American Lock established itself as the innovation leader in padlock construction. With many "firsts", such as affordable 700 series solid steel padlocks, double ball locking mechanisms, high security cover plates, aluminum solid bodies, serrated pins, and shackle-less padlocks, American Lock Company distanced itself from the competition.

American Lock was recently bought out by Master Lock, and is now a division of Master Lock.

You will find two broad categories of American locks here - vintage and latter day. Both types are for USE. The best way to appreciate these wonderful old locks is to use them. Even though any of these locks can last many years, even decades, outside, you'll want to find uses for the vintage models in weather sheltered environments, where they'll last forever.

The latter day locks are priced about 75 percent above their retail level of two years ago. This includes shipping.

The prices of the vintage models reflect my love for them and the fact that I have just one of each kind. May they find loving homes.

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